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As a Wing Chun Expert with Over a Decade of Experience, Let Me Help You Master This Powerful Martial Art!

Unlock the secrets of Wing Chun with my expert guidance and learn the deadly art of Wing Chun through forms, techniuqes, weapons and the Wooden Dummy

The Wing Chun wooden dummy is a training tool used to develop striking accuracy, power, and technique by simulating an opponent’s limbs

Our worldwide Wing Chun kwoon directory allows you to search our growing list to find a school, sifu, or lessons near you

These six Wing Chun forms represent the foundation of the Wing Chun system, in the Ip Man (also spelled Yip Man) lineage

There are only two traditional Wing Chun weapons, the Butterfly Swords and the Dragon Pole.

Variety of unarmed hand attacks (and elbow and finger) used in Wing Chun that allow you to hit the target you want:

Bruce Lee posing Wing Chun. He is an IP Man

Bruce Lee IP Man

Bruce Lee Movies Where He Plays The Leading Role

Find out why I started this website about Wing Chun, my martial arts experience and why I was forced to stop training Wing Chun.

I took 5 years off from Wing Chun training, was laid off my job, gained a lot of weight which all affected my health. Find out how I overcame these challenges and turned my life around again.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

The Wing Chun Dummy, also known as the Wooden Dummy or Muk Yan Jong, is a training tool used in the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It consists of a wooden frame with three arms and a leg that simulate an opponent’s limbs.

The Wooden Dummy is used to develop Wing Chun techniques, footwork, and timing, allowing practitioners to improve their striking accuracy and power.

The arms and leg of the Wooden Dummy are positioned to allow for the practice of specific Wing Chun techniques, such as trapping and simultaneous defense and attack.

With regular use, the Wing Chun Dummy can help martial artists achieve a deeper understanding of the art and improve their overall performance in combat.

Man practicing Wing Chun on a wooden dummy

Find a Wing Chun School in my directory

Welcome to my Wing Chun school directory, where you can easily find a sifu or lesson near you. As a Wing Chun expert with over a decade of experience, I have compiled a list of reputable and qualified schools worldwide.

My Wing Chun directory provides information on each school’s location, style, and lineage, as well as contact information for instructors.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist looking to expand your Wing Chun skills, my directory can help you find the right school and sifu to fit your needs.

With regular training and guidance from a qualified instructor, you can achieve a deeper understanding of Wing Chun and develop the skills necessary to become a proficient martial artist.

As a Wing Chun expert, I have created a comprehensive guide to Wing Chun weapons, covering everything from the basic principles of weapon usage to the techniques used in combat.

In my guide, I explore a range of weapons commonly used in Wing Chun, including swords and the Dragon Pole. With detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions, and accompanying visuals, my guide is designed to help martial artists of all levels develop their skills and knowledge of Wing Chun weapons.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced martial artist looking to expand your repertoire, my complete guide to Wing Chun weapons is an essential resource for mastering the art of Wing Chun.

Take advantage of my expert knowledge to help you buy smart

I provide expert knowledge about butterfly swords, wooden dummies, Iron Palm, and ratings and data about how they measure up in various performance categories.

I’ll explain what sets a product apart from its competitors and suggest other comparable products based on price or use.

I also look at how the weapons have been designed and what type of person they are best suited for – so you can make your decision based on what is right for you.