I don’t know what’s been going on the last few years in my town. But there are a lot of homeless moving in.

I started noticing them first begging at the freeway exits. 

Then I see them camped out under the freeway passes. With tents, beach chairs, and everything.

Then I see them popping up on the streets at industrial parks. Camped there in their run down cars, vans, and tents all day long, not just at night looking for some respite.

And a few days ago I take a walk at a nearby park and I find a whole population there, too. Old rusted cars, camper vans, and RVs stuffed with their junk parked along the entire perimeter.

They don’t seem to be the kind of homeless you feel sorry about. I get the feeling this is their lifestyle. This is how they like it.

Do some seem to have mental issues that lead to their street life? Definitely.

Do some seem to have chemical addictions that lead to their street life? Yup.

Not a scene a responsible parent would let their kids run around and play in. Solo joggers, men or women, would be wise to avoid, too…

I remember back in junior highschool I had a crush on girl. In fact, many boys had a crush on her. Our lockers were next to each other and we’d chit-chat and play little games that young teens often do.

I confess. I teased her and she’d hit me or chase me. All in good fun of course. But she did hit damn hard.

Later in the school year, I learned she was my old Judo sensei’s daughter. She never came to any class I went to, but her brother did and he tossed me around like a ragged doll. No wonder she hit so hard.

Anyway, life goes on and I changed schools, but kept in touch with a few old friends.

One night, I get a call from my buddy. Long story short. This girl and her friend were kidnapped and tied up.

It was husband and wife team, transients, in a camper van. They pretended to need help and asked the girls for aid. That’s when they took them.

The girl’s friend managed to get loose and slip out the window and get help.

With the van’s description, the police caught the couple.

But my friend didn’t make it. The couple murdered her, among other things.

At my young age, she was the first person I knew personally who had died; and this first death being caused by murder. It was F’d up.

Violence happens. Asocial behavior comes out of nowhere.

And the only answer to violence is violence.

Yes, train Wing Chun. And take your training up a notch by learning what asocial behavior is and how to eliminate it.

The good news is these lessons are simple and effective and quick to learn if you have the will to use them. This is a straight path.

I’ve added it to my personal Wing Chun practice. And I’ve taught and trained this with my family, wife, and daughter. 

You should do the same:


Seek the straightest path,