Instructor Kristian Gordon with Sifu/Master Mark Beardsell(seated)


Classes taught by Sifu Kristian Gordon 郭勤懇 “kwok kan hauun” Disciple of Sifu Master Mark Beardsell. Kristian Gordon is a certified Fourth Generation Ip Man Lineage instructor. Classes are taught at the local YMCA in martinsville Va. three days a week.

Wed morning: 11:10-12noon class open to all ages. Homeschool Groups welcome!

friday: 5:30-6:30 childrens wing chun class
7:00-9pm adult wing chun class

sunday 2:00-3:00pm classes open to all ages

YMCA martinsville Va.
3 Starling Avenue
Martinsville, VA 24112
P: 276-632-6427

Classes free for YMCA members
non-members: $10.00 per class. Friday night is value night, with a two hour adult class!

Sifu/instructor Kristian Gordon

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