Would WVTAA Home Study – Level 1 – DVD/Book Set – Siu Nim Tao & Drills by Darrell Jordan be a decent way as to learn Wing Chun if not other option available? Can not afford monthly tuition unfortunately and work in the evenings.
Reply from Rob:


Thanks for your question. I wasn’t familiar with sifu Darrell Jordan until you brought him to my attention.

I did some research and really like what I found out about him.

Seems like he’s been teaching Wing Chun since at least the 1990s.

And his Level 1 course includes multiple camera angles and split screen views, which I find VERY helpful.

It also includes a book (in pdf format) with additional content to really help you deepen your learning.

Level 1 has the first 6-months – 1-year curriculum for his school.

You can find more information and purchase his Level 1 training video (download) below. Plus, you’ll also find Level 2, 3, and 4 and 12 of his other Wing Chun training videos:



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