Musician and rocker, Gary Dacanay, sprinkles in a bit of WingChun into his latest single Let The Rain Fall.

You can catch glimpses of his Sil Lum Tao form, and even Tai Chi in his newest music video.

Watch and listen to the whole video so you can enjoy it properly.

However, as a convenience, the forms show up at mark: :40, :49, 2:26, and 3:40. Or thereabouts.

I understand that Gary is promoting his music career, but I wish the video had MORE Kung Fu 🙂

Gary has been a musician his whole life. His biggest influences started with the Blues, then Rock, Jazz, and R&B.

And he seems to have pretty good taste in music too. He’s a fan of Howlin’ Wolf, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and Led Zeppelin to name a few…

How I found this video…

Pretty simple actually. Gary retweeted me on Twitter.

If you got some cool info to share with me you can tweet me too, or post it so the Wing Chun Community can experience it first hand.

When I learned he retweeted me I was curious. Why would a musician care and retweet a WingChun specific item? So I went to the source and asked him:

“@GaryDacanay Do you practice WingChun too?”

He replied:

“@WingChunLife Yes.I’m just a novice.A friend showed me Siu Lim Tao last year. I got hooked.”

That should be music to all our ears. A new fanatic to add to the ranks!

You can learn more about Gary’s music here:

You can tweet Wing Chun Life here:

Here’s aqnother cool WingChun video. This time of a BIG sifu who moves as fast as a bear!