If you’re searching for Wing Chun schools, California is a great place to look. There are many kwoons in this state and you can often find a number of different lineages, as well as a couple of “celebrity” sifus. One group has even tried to set up an association, a kind of Wing Chun California club.

Caution: when I say you can find many, I don’t mean you can find a school on every street corner. Wing Chun is a very exclusive martial art. But there are probably more here than in many places worldwide.

So, California seems to have it all. Sunny weather, beaches, mountains, deserts, Wing Chun kung fu, and even high taxes and choking traffic 🙂

Click on the links below to find out more about these Wing Chun schools.

Help Others Seeking a Wing Chun Master...

  • How? Simple.

    If you’re familiar with any of the schools above, click on it and leave a comment on that page. Positive or negative (let’s keep it real), but be respectful and constructive. This will help others make an informed decision.

    Also, if there’s a school missing on this site, and you think it deserves to be showcased. Tell the sifu or academy manager to include their school and get the attention it deserves!

    Every week, I get at least one martial artist on pilgrimage seeking a Wing Chun master. Often, I don’t know where to guide them.