Wing Chun Michigan was founded by Brian Duncan, a local martial arts enthusiast. He studied locally for a few years in the Ip Ching lineage and eventually moved to Denver, CO to study Ip Ching Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Howard Hunter, a direct student of Ip Ching the son of Ip Man.

At the founding of Wing Chun Michigan, Duncan had studied Wing Chun for a little over seven years total, having spent three of those years under the direct tutelage of Sifu Hunter. Even now, Sifu Duncan continues to visit and train under Sifu Hunter to keep his skills sharp and continue to improve.

Wing Chun Michigan was founded with the goal of providing a place of study for a serious combat martial art in Michigan and as a means of preserving the Kung Fu traditions of Ip Man and Ip Ching Wing Chun Kung Fu.