Testimonial –
“I am an army ranger and after training in krav maga, military combat, mma and jiujitsu, I took myself to a new level with Sifu Och’s Wing Chun Kung fu.” – Jeff

“He is the real deal, you can’t buy what he has but you can train it.” – Brian

What we TRAIN –
– Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kung Fu
– After school kids programs
– group fitness classes teens and adults
– Realisitic self defense

Internationally trained and certified Sifu under Masters from the Ip Chun, Ip Ching, Simon Lau and Moy Yat Lineages. I have traveled all over to bring back Combat Wing Chun Kung Fu and street self defense through family martial arts in lakeland florida. www.lakelandkungfu.com

• Only real skill determines the outcome of your self defense
• Real Wing Chun is taught through truth and hardwork
• Our classes are 7 days a week call for details.

– 863-800-0171
– wingchunflorida@gmail.com
– www.lakelandkungfu.com

– http://sifuochwingchun.com/instructors/sifu-justin-och-chief-wing-chun-instructor/

•I love the direct realistic self defense that is afforded by Wing Chun Kung Fu, no-gi jiujitsu and street tactics that are trained directly in each class. watch our videos, if your new to martial arts or a vet you will love our classes!

******** OUR DEAL TO YOU!!!! ********

$35 – gets you 2 weeks of classes (unlimited 6 days a week)

******** OUR DEAL TO YOU!!!! ********

•What do you love about Wing Chun?