Innovative Wing Chun is an up-to-date, reality based self-defense system that uses sophisticated, concept based human bio-mechanics that will enable you to add more layers of protection than any traditional martial art or in any group setting. You will discover superior skills that are not only an equalizer, but a maximizer in any real life violent conflict.


The Innovative Wing Chun system seamlessly assimilates western, Renaissance period western martial arts Bare-Knuckle Pugilism knowledge, ancient Tai Chi Chuan principals, concept based Counter-Grappling, compatible Modern Weapons and Real Scenario Self-Defense into an optimized Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

Sifu Armando Sainz incorporates no sport, tradition or ceremony. Only what is most logical and functional for fighting and self-preservation is taught without losing any of the refined finesse found in his Wing Chun system.

He has also designed a personalized private lesson training program to efficiently teach his system.

Innovative Wing Chun is designed to recapture the ancient knowledge of those who fully understood fight ready conflict, coupled with modern self-defense scenario insights. This is where ancient martial arts knowledge and modern self-defense awareness come together.​​

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