Sifu Jay has over 30 years experience in Gung Fu and 26 years experience in Wing Chun.


“…He completed the Wing Chun and Shaolin Gung Fu Systems after ten years. In 1994 His life was changed when he met renowned Wing Chun Sifu, Francis Fong of Atlanta Georgia.

“This first introduction was at the school of Rick McElroy in Hilton Head South Carolina. This same year he met and trained with the legendary martial artist Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s Protege’ and successor), Chai Sirisute from Thai Land (Head of The Thai Boxing Association U.S.A) and The Legendary Machado Brothers (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu).

“Through seminars and constant trips to Atlanta for the South Eastern Martial Arts conference Sifu Jay was able to gain experience and was accepted into the Instructor Program under Sifu Francis Fong in Wing Chun Gung Fu and the rest is history…”

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