Buddha Hand (Fut Sao)

Wing Chun Kung Fu

What is Buddha Hand Wing Chun?

This Cantonese family of Wing Chun Kung Fu was brought to the U.S. by Grandmaster Henry Leung in the early 1960’s. It is named after Grandmaster Leung’s late teacher, Shaolin Buddhist Abbot Hsu Yun (whose temple name was Gao Ghi Fut Sao). Wing Chun is a practical, no-nonsense fighting art that was made famous by Bruce Lee in the 1970’s.

Buddha Hand Wing Chun has the linear movement and aggressive, springy power for which all Wing Chun is known. It also has the softer, internal components that are often associated with martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I and Ba Gua.

Why should you learn Buddha Hand Wing Chun?

It is a very effective method of fighting that includes:

• Empty-hand and weapon fighting forms
• Drills for striking, grappling and pressure point attacks
• Science that allows you to defeat a stronger opponent.

But it offers so much more than only fighting skills:

• Chi (internal energy) circulation exercises
• Correct breathing and posture
• Greater strength and flexibility
• Meditation and relaxation techniques
• Increased confidence and improved concentration

About Sifu Bruce Nepon

Sifu Bruce began his study of martial arts as a teenager. He trained briefly in a variety of arts before discovering Buddha Hand Wing Chun in New York City in 1983, where he began his training under Master James Cama. Sifu Bruce is one of the most highly ranked practitioners of Buddha Hand Wing Chun actively teaching the art. He continues to visit and train under Master Cama, and assists with classes during his visits. Sifu Bruce teaches with Master Cama’s endorsement and approval.

Sifu Bruce holds a Masters Degree in Education, and regularly teaches at the college level.

Sifu Bruce is an experienced practitioner of Buddha Hand Wing Chun and professional educator who has worked in settings that allowed him to see the effectiveness of Buddha Hand Wing Chun.

Email – banepon@aol.com

Phone number – (302) 528-6098

Website – wingchunde.com