HI my Name is Dave and i want to share with all you the benefits i have gotten after i started training Wing Chun.
I have always been fascinated by martial arts and their mental benefits as i trained in Wushu Kung fu when i was a teenager but left after 3 years.
Then, as i am 32 years old now, At the half of 2015 i started to feel sad or desperate about many things in my life, im not married, and i was getting out of a relationship, I tried the local Gym to lift weights but i just could not find happiness or motivation to go further. As i went to meet my Sifu of the Wing Chun School in Monterrey Mexico, i started feeling mentally better and more focused on my goals, also i stopped doing harmful things, and generally my mind felt better as my anxiety dissapeared in 3 months without any medicine pills, i feel happier and i have started to develop speed and power in my training, as i know is a long way to be a good Wing Chun student, but after 3 months my mind is Stronger than i have ever imagined and i dont feel depressed neither with fear of what may come in my life.
Thanks to all and specially to God and My Sifu.