How well do you know Wing Chun Movies?

Here’s a good place to start your education and discuss the old and new.

Wing Chun has been a popular Kung Fu movie theme for the last three decades. Why? Because Wing Chun Kung Fu rocks!

What is the Best Wing Chun Movie?

Let’s start with the Wing Chun movie that reignited and shot worldwide interest in Wing Chun Kung Fu through the roof.

Ip Man (2008): This is and will be a Kung Fu movie classic. To this day, it is the best Wing Chun movie of all time. As my sifu said, “It makes Wing Chun look good.” Then there’s…

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster (2010): I really hate when a sequel isn’t as good as the first one. Especially when the sequel is so poor, you feel they only made it for the money. Fortunately, the Wing Chun moves are awesome and as authentic as you can ask from a movie.

The Legend is Born: Ip Man (2010): A GREAT movie and a pre-qual to the first two. However, it frustrated many fans because, except for the title role of ‘Ip Man,’ this is NOT related to the first two Ip Man movies. What also confused and gave fans trouble was that they used many of the same actors from the first two films and gave them totally different roles.

The Grandmasters (2013: Chinese version): This is much more artsy than the other Ip Man movies above. It’s probably more visually rich and stunning on screen compared to most martial arts movies in general. But the fight scenes are solid, and the director, Wong Kar-wai, focuses a lot of attention on them in the movie and makes Wing Chun stand out.

The Grandmaster – U.S. version (2013): They cut the original movie from 130 minutes down to 108 minutes, added NEW footage, and rearranged some of the story. In many ways, it really is a different movie. But is it better? Read the review and find out.

What’s great about these movies is that you see very authentic Wing Chun moves in the fight scenes. And that makes these films worth watching… especially if you’re a Wing Chun fan or student.

A slight deviation from movies… In 2007, a TV series called “Wing Chun” was released in China/Hong Kong and was an instant hit in Asia.

Before the Popular Ip Man Movies, There Was The One And Only… Bruce Lee

He’s so important to Wing Chun and the martial arts world that we’ve created a special Bruce Lee movies page.

Then There’s Wing Chun’s Movie Namesake:

Wing Chun: It came out around 1994, and Michelle Yeoh plays the title role of Yim Wing Chun.

The Classic Favorite Among All Wing Chun Practitioners

The Prodigal Son : (1981) Awesome!!! It’s not just a great Wing Chun movie; it’s an all-around martial arts movie classic.

To complete your Wing Chun movie education… watch these last two:

Warriors Two: (1978) Honestly, I have no idea, and no one I’ve asked has any idea why it’s called Warriors Two. There is NO Warriors One? If you know why or have a theory leave a comment.

The Descendant of Wing Chun: (1978) There isn’t much to say about this movie. If you want to share your opinion, please do so below.

And Wing Chun Continues to Grow as a Popular Movie Subject

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