The Wing Chun movie genre continues to gain steam in Asia. It looks like the latest Wing Chun themed movie to start filming will be a comedic caper. A Wing Chun comedy?

It’ll be called “I Love Wing Chun” and will be filmed in Malaysia. The nice thing about the production of this film is that it brings together actors from Malaysia, China and Hongkong. Kind of like a Wing Chun love fest?

In Asia, Wing Chun is the most popular martial art today. Thanks in large part to the Ip Man movie trilogy.

Asian movie stars (even non-Asian movie stars like Robert Downey Jr.) are lining up to take lessons and young (and not so young) men from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and many other Asian countries are living their Ip Man and Bruce Lee dreams.

If this keeps up we will see many more Wing Chun related movies for years to come!

You can read more about it here.

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