Learn Wing Chun in Lima, Peru!

A unique opportunity to learn Wing Chun from a non-Ip Man lineage.

Sifu Ricky Leturia is a second generation Chan Wah Shun (Ip Man’s sifu) practitioner.

Chan Wah Shun –> Choy Fong Lum (also spelled Choy Fook Leoung and brought Wing Chun to Peru in the 1930s) –> Sifu Ricky Leturia

Peru’s Wing Chun history has a Hung Gar connection, too.

SiGong Choy Fong Lum studied Wing Chun under Chan Wah Shun and Hung Gar under Huang Fei Hong.

Huang Fei Hong is the Chinese folk hero made famous by many well known Kung Fu movies like Drunken Master, Magnificent Butcher, Once Upon A Time in China, etc.

We speak English and Spanish and have many students from other countries. Train with us while visiting Peru.

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