Burton Kung Fu is a small organisation with the aim of forming a close group of students to practice the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.


I want to create a safe, controlled and pleasant environment in which people can develop their skill and understanding of the Wing Chun system.

Those interested in Practical self-defence, trying something new, rekindling an old hobby or are simply curious about the Chinese fighting arts are welcome to join us and start training no matter what level of competence.

The teaching methods are geared towards achieving this. I am continually evaluating and adapting my approach to teaching as my students’ develop and as my own understanding develops.

We are all trying to improve ourselves further and have fun.

Why learn Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Practicing Wing Chun will benefit you in many ways:

• Physically, you will become fitter, more flexible, develop good posture for a long and active life and significantly improve your coordination.

• Mentally, you will learn about body mechanics, human physiology, the most efficient way to use your strength. You will become more aware of yourself and your surroundings and learn how to apply Wing Chun practically in self-defence situations.

• Spiritually, you will learn about yourself and develop an inner confidence.

• You will meet like-minded people and have fun practicing something worthy of your time and effort.

For more information go to www.burtonkungfu.moonfruit.com or contact Sifu on 07789521702.