10 St James Rd Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa.

We teach Wing Chun and Western Boxing.
We Love Wing Chun Technique and Boxing Fitness.
You are welcome to learn either or both with us to become an excellent martial artist.

Boxing Training & Martial Arts Training! in Sea Point.

A Great way to get Fit and learn to protect yourself!

Increases Punching Power, Stamina and endurance, Builds Self Confidence, Timing, Skill, Cuts Fat and Builds Solid Strong Functional Muscles, Tones the body, Improves Reflexes, and Trains you to be Fitter than ever before – Guaranteed!

Boxing will also teach you some valuable Self Defence Skills.

We teach a Southern Chinese Martial Art called Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is practiced globally, in over 64 countries. It is the world’s most popular form of Southern Kung Fu.

This is a stand up striking art, characterised by low kicks and direct punches dominating the centre line, ground fighting is also covered as well as weapon training at the advanced level.

The system is a very good basic Self Defence style with lots of practical drills which we practice over and over until the principles are learnt.

The Saint James Church Hall,
Saint James Road,
Sea Point, Cape Town

Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm to 8pm – Martial Arts
Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm to 8pm – Boxing

BOXING classes consist of: Skipping, Boxing Fitness & Strength Training, Lots of Boxing – Specific Drills, Heavy Bag Work, Pad Work, Speed Ball, Medicine Ball, Pear Ball. Floor to Ceiling Ball, Footwork, Shadow Boxing, and the all important Boxing Conditioning Exercises. Sparring is optional and definitely not compulsory – we do take maximum precautions to avoid all injury. We train hard, have fun and get fit!

MARTIAL ARTS classes include two person drills where one person gets to punch and the partner learns to block and counter strike. We practice forms which are set movements to teach you more about the system. Practical analysis and application of all movements is explained and practiced. The Punching Set, Elbow Strikes, Kicking Routines, Palm Strikes and Basic Stepping sequences are practiced over and over to make sure you get to know them very well.


Contact the club directly to find out about current pricing and promotions:

— Martial Arts and Boxing classes combined

— Only Marital Arts or Boxing classes

— Try out Sessions

No Contracts, No Annual Fee to any registering Body or Organisations, No hidden costs.

For Boxing: A Skipping Rope (We can lend you one for the first session)

Boxing Gloves (You can make use of the clubs gloves for the first few sessions and then we can organise some gloves for you – cost is R300 per pair)

Water Bottle (optional)

Towel (yes, we Sweat a lot, that is why we get results!)

If you are unable to attend a session, please SMS or e mail us to let us know in advance. We meet every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening to train and we do put a lot of energy into the classes, (and our own training) if you are accepted as a member of our club, we expect to know if you are unable to make it to class.

We do specialize in teaching beginners and we always encourage you to do more and train harder.

We look forward to meeting, coaching and training with you.

WHAT THE PRO`S SAY: (about Boxing)

“Boxing is a superior workout along with developing an invaluable skill. A boxing workout is the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscle training. You’ll burn more calories, build more stamina, develop and tone more muscle in a boxing workout than you will with any other training method. A boxing workout is the best of all world’s …unlike running and biking, which do little for the muscles above the waist, boxing works both the upper and lower body. and because it uses many muscle groups, it is less likely to cause overuse injuries.”

Dr. Joseph Estwanik
Sports Medicine Specialist