I want to know if Wing Chun will help me in fighting against one or more opponents?

Answer: It depends on where you train Wing Chun kung fu.

Before I explain, let me mention that if you’re forced to take on multiple opponents, you want to be well trained in Wing Chun.

Think of fighting with multiple attackers just like you’re fighting someone with a weapon. The result, if you lose, is the same.

Wing Chun is a street smart striking martial art. It’s fast and efficient. And, ideally, we train for survival. What’s all this mean?

I like grappling arts and watching MMA. But if you’re up against multiple opponents (or just one), don’t lie down on the ground. Don’t try to wrestle one of your attackers while his buddies kick you or hit you.

In Wing Chun you learn to attack fast and hard, and attack the weakest targets. Plus, you learn that you don’t have to fight, you can run.

A street fight isn’t sport. You don’t have to fight it out and risk your life for three 5-minute rounds.

How your Wing Chun school teaches fighting against multiple attackers

I’ve seen video from different schools where they train you to fight like wild if surrounded by attackers.

This is fundamentally wrong.

If you’re in the middle, you’re dead.

The way I’ve been trained is to move around a lot. Present a moving target.

And, if you must, attack the group from one of its sides. In other words, attack them from their flank.

Ideally, this allows you to keep one of your attackers between you and the other attackers.

This gives you a human shield and gives you the chance to fight one person at a time (even if that time lasts a brief second).

Whatever you do, don’t get caught in the middle and don’t end up on the ground — keep moving.