Luckily for the U.K., Wing Chun schools are plentiful. This art has a solid history in England and schools can be found inside and outside of London.

I once traveled thorough London for a couple of days. I enjoyed being there, but my trip was too short.

I took the ferry across the channel and saw the white cliffs at Dover, I had some amazing teas, I did not like the food but thank goodness London has many excellent Indian and Chinese eateries otherwise I would have starved.

And, I almost got run over by a taxi more than once. (“Look Right” – helpful but the first time I read that painted on the street, instead of looking right, I stepped onto the road thinking “what does that mean?” Oops, I almost died.)

But, next time I go I’ll have to take on a few Wing Tsun classes. Click the links below to find out more about these Wing Chun schools:

If You’re Familiar with One of These Schools, Leave a Review…

Click on the link, it’ll take you directly to their page, click on the “comment” link near the bottom of that page, and leave your feedback

Keep it honest and respectful.

Your feedback is helpful and appreciated. Other potential students will use it to help them make a more informed decision about which Wing Chun school to try out.

Also, encourage kwoons to showcase and introduce their school and classes on this site. Thousands of people pass by, many of them searching for a kwoon to call home.