I’m Sifu Rick Cantrell, a Master Level Instructor of the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association headed by Grandmaster William Cheung.

Prior to that I was taught by Sifu William Chen who although was primarily a Tai Chi Master was a Jun Fan Kung Fu student of Bruce Lee and also taught under Sifus Lee Bong Chul and Sun Duk So who were students of Yip Man before moving to Korea.

I was also taught Wing Chun by Sifu David Chen who was primarily a Hop Gar, Chi Kung and Tai Chi Master but also taught Wing Chun in the method of Wong Shun Leung.

After William Cheung my teacher was and still is Sifu Brian K. Edwards who is a disciple of Duncan Leung. So my school is composed of several different lineages of Wing Chun Kung Fu and I teach a combination of what I have learned from all the above Instructors.

I’ve been practicing Wing Chun for over 45 years and have been teaching Wing Chun for 26 years.

We are the only school in the Philippines recognized by the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

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Sifu Rick Cantrell
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Philippines
Corner of Don Peppe Henson and Broadway St in Marisol Subdivision
Angeles City, Pampanga
Philippines 2009