I’m 185cm (6 feet) tall and weigh 82kg (181 lbs). Should I do Wing Chun or something like muay thai or jujitsu?
Answer: On this site I will always recommend Wing Chun!

Although I’m curious Why you included your height and weight?

Nothing about it seems extreme. Often I’m asked if someone should study Wing Chun when they are extremely overweight, and even then I recommend Wing Chun because there are many BIG guys who excel at Wing Chun.

The great thing about this martial art is you’re able to adapt it to your physical needs.

Where I train, we have very short people, very tall people, most of us are average, a few are muscular, some are very thin, skinny, and bony, we have our share of rotund practitioners, many gray-haired students, female and male students, and a very large children’s class.

Everyone who’s dedicated and trains, excels.

I think you’ll enjoy Wing Chun very much. So go for it.