If you’d like to add some spice to Wing Chun, Peru would be the country to do it.

Peru has great, great food which is recently getting discovered by world gourmets. But I’ve been a fan most of my life!

Try, ceviche, anticuchos, pollo a la brasa, picrones, patita de mani, and their classic soda (now owned by Coke) Inka Kola. Just try everything, I have not had a Peruvian dish I didn’t like.

They have wonderful music and dance. The most well known would be Salsa. You can find very colorful and unique handicrafts.

The country boosts nature and history, too. Incredible beaches, deserts, mountains, and jungle. Machu Pichu, the Nazca lines, Caral, Sipan, and much more.

Of course the best part is it has Wing Chun Kung Fu! Check out these sifus:

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