Born and raised in Hong Kong, second generation Wing Chun lifelong practitioner trained the traditional way since early childhood by both parents but with emphasis of Wing Chun martial art as a living and not archaic language.

This is a fighting Wing Chun, not ballet, not sport, but a martial art. From Leung Tzan down to Wong Shun Leung to Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun and also Fatshan Wing Chun lineage, we proudly maintain the tradition of closed door private bei mo. Gong Sau by all lineages and even non Wing Chun welcome.

We have one motto: Don’t tell me boy, show me.

Traditional training methods, modern applications. The distinction between most fing-chun lineages and PKWC is while most wing chun people only know how to deal with other wing chun lineages within an agreed upon context, (and no you can’t do this and no you can’t do that …) in PKWC if you have a heart beat, we can deal with you, regardless of style and without need for rules nor agreements.

The Hong Kong movie industry may have pimped our martial tradition and promoted fantasy and mass quantity, but quality cannot be mass produced.

Kung Fu means not lip service, but to sweat and sometimes bleed and to train hard everyday, every day, every single day, rain or shine. Generally, seeing is believing, but in Wing Chun, feeling is believing.

Come and experience for yourself, or host us in your city. Heigong also taught.