Hi there fellow Wing Chun fanatic —

It’s Rob from WingChunLife.com… and I just got off the plane from a killer trip to China!

Well, I got back a few days ago, but my hours are still upside down from jet lag.

If you’d like to visit China at some point and study kung fu, I have a few tips you may find useful once you’re on the ground and looking to join a kwoon as a guest-student.

However, I got to be honest, I had one little incident that I’m a little ashamed to admit. But I think it’s a good reminder for all of us. Read about it here:



P.S. The holidays are right around the corner. Maybe you’re thinking about gifts for your sifu and training partners. Maybe you want to give ‘hints’ to your friends and family about what they can get you (like a plane ticket to China?).

Well, I’m not much help with plane tickets or visas, but you can check out some new Wing Chun gear here and start your shopping list: