Hi there fellow Wing Chun Kung Fu fanatic —

This is Robert, from www.WingChunLife.com. Have you ever wondered why a good restaurant turns bad? I have, and recently too…

I went to eat at Kyushu, a little Japanese ramen noodle joint where I live. It used to be my, and many peoples’, favorite ramen place.

But, it’s not good anymore — I go back a couple of times a year hoping it straightens out. But it hasn’t. (I used to go at least once month, sometimes more).

I believe restaurants and other businesses turn bad because the bosses never bother to ask the customers for their comments or honest opinions…

… And before you know it, people stop coming…

I don’t want that to happen here at WingChunLife.com.

So, I’m asking for your help.

What can I do to make this website better, more useful, fun and entertaining?

What would you like to see, read about or share?

— More videos?

— More pictures?

— Book reviews?

— Product reviews?

You tell me…


I’m working out a little system that allows you to add and upload your own videos to the site

Would you like to share your videos? Would you like to see other people’s Wing Chun, Kung Fu or martial arts experiences on video?


I’m planing a Wing Chun History section for the site that touches on the different branches of Wing Chun (not just Ip Man’s branch)

Would that be interesting to you? If so, can you direct me to legitimate resources regarding Wing Chun and Kung Fu history?


Tell me a little about yourself

You can learn more about me by reading my “fighting dossier”.

If I know a little about your training, background or goals it’ll help me provide you with relevant resources and tools.

— Are you a busy martial artist like me?

— What kind of work do you do? Are you a student?

— Do you currently train Wing Chun or some other martial art?

— What level are you, how long have you practiced?

— What’s your lineage?

— Why do you train Wing Chun or martial arts?

— What other martial arts background do you have?

— Are you a sifu?

— Do you teach Wing Chun or work in a martial arts school?

— Do you read or study Asian philosophy for fun?

Tell me… Just reply to this email with any information, comments or opinions you’d like me to know. I’m listening.


And if you have a Question about Wing Chun ask it here .

I’ll do what I can to find an answer for you. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you’ll see questions and the answers from other Wing Chun fanatics. (feel free to chime in with your own answer too.)


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