Dear Fellow Wing Chun Fanatic!

Rob here from I’ve met Wing Chun sifus from Peru, China, and the U.S. I’ve even interviewed a couple hoping to dig up some secrets and improve my training. You’ve probably done something similar.

Today, I recently finished an interview with a U.S.-based sifu from Los Angeles, CA. His name is sifu Alon Peterson. He happens to be my current teacher.

Don’t ask me why it’s taken so long to get an interview with him. Just enjoy his answers to the many questions I asked, and the many questions students and readers asked him as well…

Have a great week,

P.S. Do you know a sifu I should interview? He or she doesn’t have to be famous. In fact, sometimes we can learn more from the non-celebrity sifus who are on the front lines teaching, training, building a school, experimenting with new methods, and keeping it all together. Let me know by replying to this email.