Hi there fellow Wing Chun fanatic —

It’s Rob here from WingChunLife.com

A member of our worldwide Wing Chun community needs our help.

His company is developing the world’s first Wing Chun video game called Kung Fu Superstar.

It’s more than a game. Because by playing and leveling up, you learn Wing Chun while beating up all the bad guys!

Imagine a new and worldwide generation being introduced to, and learning about, and how to do Wing Chun while having a great time. Isn’t that cool?



Seeing is believing. They put together a slick video demo that shows the video game in its current release. It works with all the popular input devices (controller, motion sensor, and more), so you choose how you want to play.

You’ll see behind the scenes interviews with the development crew, a Wing Chun grandmaster, and a Hollywood stunt choreographer who all make the game’s moves realistic.

Why don’t you take a look and see for yourself?


The company launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and get this project on the market. They’ve already completed a ton of work, and just need an extra hand to make it over the finish line.

When you pledge financial support you can claim all kinds of cool swag. Copies of the game when it’s released for PC or the console of your choice, development credits, awesome hoodies and T-shirts, a wooden dummy(!), and a lot more.

Don’t you want to get your hands on this great gear?


This is a worthy cause to support. Think how much fun it is, how it helps you learn and practice Wing Chun, and it takes Wing Chun awareness to the next level! Take a look and give them a hand.


P.S. You decide your level of support, a little or a lot. Plus, you’ll feel the satisfaction knowing you helped pull a company over a hurdle and allowed it to do good in the world… develop video games with a purpose, create positive Wing Chun awareness, and provide jobs for fellow martial artists fighting the good fight. Why don’t you check out their campaign and killer thank you gifts?