International Wing Chun Day


I didn’t know about it either until the organizers reached out to me on Facebook and told me about it. And what a great idea!


WhatInternational Wing Chun Day. The second annual celebration. Participate, spread the word and have fun!

WhenSaturday March 19, 2011. Each year on the 3rd Saturday of March.

WhoSifu Adam Willis of Orange County, California spearheaded and founded this international event in 2010. YOU – participate, have fun, promote it and spread the word!

Where: In your community, in your home, at your kwoon and online.

WhyWhat kind of dumb question is that!? Wing Chun deserves it’s own International Wing Chun Day. A day to unite and spread the art around the world.

How: Practice the art, attend a class, have your friends and family join you for the day, tell everyone you know about it. If you run a school offer free trial classes, host an open house, tell all your current and past students about it and encourage them to show up for a lesson.


Check out some more ideas from Sifu Adam and add your ideas to use this year and in coming years.





Gilbert from California – USA had this to say about last month’s Wing Chun Life News article on Wing Chun Training At Home when you can’t make it to class:


“There is actually an inverse correlation between flexibility and speed. This is why the fastest runners in the world do not stretch very much compared to some other athletes.

On the other hand, the distance runners stretch quite a lot and quite deeply not only because of the healing and circulation benefits of stretching but also because of the stride benefits (more below).

Being tighter (not to be confused with being cold, or not being warmed up, which is dangerous), like Bruce Lee, makes you more explosive, more quick.

Pete Sampras, professional tennis player, is a great example. He did not stretch because of the adverse effect on his incredible, powerful, wicked fast tennis serve, which in his time was ridiculous given the older racquet technology he used.

During exhibitions today his serve is still competitive with the young guns.

There are many excellent reasons to stretch. Speed is not one of them.

Quick note on sprinters and stretching: a shallow search online will have you believe that stretching is critical for any sprinter. This is true to an extent, but a deeper look reveals that they are stressing rehab during training, not speed. Of course, you need to be healthy to be faster, too, so there is a balance.

However, the most recent science emphasizes the preservation of the strong elasticity that causes those fibers to snap back quickly, which is what produces that unbridled speed. Deep stretching elongates the fibers, decreasing the snap effect. Again, you will never see an elite sprinter doing any major stretching.”

Thank you Gilbert for the added insight. If you’re training and stretching keep this in mind.


Cesar from Buenos Aires – Argentina said this on the contact us page and through Facebook:


“Muy linda la pagina, ahora sería excelente si la traducen al español, hay millones de practicantes y simpatizantes de habla hispana…lamentablemente los lectores españoles perdemos muchos datos de ella por la traduccion al ingles, creo que deberías incluir una opcion para cambiar el idioma sin tener que recurrir a los traductores electronicos que deforman el mensaje.”


If you don’t speak or read Spanish this is what he said – “You are the most handsome Wing Chun practitioner since Bruce Lee!…” I’m just kidding, he did not say that 😉


What he did say, “…Your site is very nice, it would be better if it was TRANSLATED into Spanish, there are millions of Wing Chun practitioners and fans in the Spanish speaking world… Unfortunately, the Spanish reader loses a lot of detail because we have to translate the site from English. You should have an option to read the site in Spanish, without having to depend on the electronic translators that deform the message.”


Anyone want to volunteer and translate into Spanish or other language?

Let me know.

My Spanish is too limited to do a quality job. Spanish-to-English maybe, but English-to-Spanish, no way. If you or someone you know would like to help out let’s talk about it.

And since we’re talking translation… how about other languages for all our brothers and sisters around the world — French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

And also, would you like to contribute a special article or related information about Wing Chun, Kung Fu or martial arts? Tell me about it.

Any takers? Spread the word…