How to Improve Your Wing Chun Punching Speed

The Wing Chun punch is one of the most frustrating things to learn as a beginner. In fact, many intermediate level students I know have challenges too.


Keep the elbow in (pointed down). Hitting straight like-an-arrow and not hammering down with the fist. And then getting REAL and practical power behind the punch and roll punch. It’s not as easy as it looks.

My sifu says the Wing Chun punch is a weak punch, it’s not very strong. It shocked me when he said that, it saddened me too. But he’s right.

Hooks and crosses are much more powerful. Luckily, we have many power strikes too.

Recently, a member stopped by and asked how to improve his punching speed in Wing Chun. Have you had the same question? You can read the responses here: improve-speed

Make sure to read the comments too. Some are pretty good ideas worth trying yourself. And leave your own tips. What are you doing/have done to improve your own punch?


Do You Know What’s Your Lineage?

I bet you do.


But what if you didn’t know… how would you find out?

Another website member asked for help finding his Wing Chun jia (family). He AND his sifu don’t know their lineage. I guess you could call them a pair of Lost Boys.

Read his story and give him and his sifu some tips for getting home:


Help! I Want to Learn Wing Chun, But I Don’t Know Where…

The most common question at is some variation of “I want to learn Wing Chun, how do I find a school?”


In the beginning I would actually help them out and jump on the web, ask my Twitter contacts, my Facebook contacts and ask around the discussion groups I visit.

That was D-U-M-B! It took so much of my time… although, it was fun.

I was able to find a couple of solutions for both a Syrian and Iranian looking for a school. And I did detective work for schools in Booney-ville, USA, middle of nowhere Europe, and who-knows-where Australia.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time on my hands so I built a “SELF-HELP-find-a-wing-chun-school-and/or-advertise-your-wing-chun-school-for-FREE” page at That was about a month ago.

I spread the word as much as I could. I thought Wing Chun professionals from around the world would beat the door down to be the first to list their offer on the site.

As of this writing there are only two sifus who’ve posted an announcement. ONLY TWO?

I guess I can’t do this alone and need your help. Please help other martial artists find a place to train Wing Chun. Share this page with everyone you know, every school, sifu offering private classes, and potential training partners on this list. Did I mention there is NO COST?

Look at some of the requests I’ve gotten from potential Wing Chun students in the last couple of weeks:

— Mozambique

— Santa Clara or in San Jose, CA

— Singapore

— Pakistan

— Oceanside, CA

— China!?

Not only that… the schools page (which is less than one month old) is already one of the most visited pages on the website. Which means there is a big market out there looking for a place to call home. Help them out, will you?

Share the link and help build up the page…