Hi there fellow Wing Chun fanatic —

It’s Rob from WingChunLife.com and the New Year has been busy, how about you?



Cardio Kung Fu


My gym held special bonus classes in Cardio Kung Fu during the first two weeks of January. It gave all of us a chance to burn off the calories and weight we put on over the holiday break.

Surprisingly, many students didn’t show up to these bonus classes (there was no additional cost to attend!?). I told sifu to replace a few of our regular adult classes with Cardio Kung Fu for next year… this way no one has any excuse.



Wing Chun Grading


Then in the middle of the month my school held a grading. I’ve scheduled to get pictures and video of the grading up on the site in February.

What’s taking time is that I want to be able to let you add YOUR pictures and video to the site as well. This way we can all share our Wing Chun experiences no matter where in the world we train. Sounds good? Stay tuned.



Martial Arts Charity


I’m involved with a martial arts charity here in the Los Angeles area. Our mission is to give scholarships to disadvantaged youths so they can train in the martial arts (any martial art, not just Wing Chun). That’s a pretty good mission don’t you think?

It’s a new charity that launched last year. And if you’ve ever started a new business or charity then you know that the beginning is always the hard part.

One of the BIG moves we took to raise funds was to start a weekly Bingo night. What an experience. I had no idea that people liked to play Bingo? Our opening night for Bingo also took place in January.

Cross your fingers, I hope this works gang-busters because starting a weekly Bingo night from scratch is a lot like starting another charity!

In any case, I’m ready to start giving away some scholarships and watching kids make positive changes to their life.

Do you know of a non-profit or charity in your area that supports Wing Chun, kung fu or the martial arts? If you do, click here and let everyone know about it.



I’ve been asked why I started this website about Wing Chun…

I wanted a way to connect and interact with Wing Chun practitioners around the world. Especially those who were NOT full-time martial artists like me.


I think it says a lot about us. We have our normal careers, family, studies and personal life, but we still make the time to train and keep up with the martial arts. That’s true dedication.

It’s easier to just put it aside and make excuses for not doing it. I’ve seen so many students come and go at my gym. They’re so close to making a breakthrough, and then you don’t see them ever again?

I’m not judging. The same thing happened to me. I took a 5 year “leave of absence” from Wing Chun and it was a mistake … well, you can read more about it if you like. Maybe you can relate to my story.