Hi Fellow Wing Chun’er!

It’s Rob from WingChunLife.com and last weekend I went to watch the inaugural ICMAC Kung Fu Championship tournament in Los Angeles…

The ICMAC organization (International Chinese Martial Arts Championship) has been around for over 15 years putting on Kung Fu tournaments, but it was their first year in Los Angeles, CA – USA.

I had great time and captured a lot of it on video… so you get to see what I saw!

It ended up being so much footage that I had to break up all the videos into 6 pages on WingChunLife.com. In total, I think I got 29 separate videos. I’ve been busy.

Part 6* is special since it’s a behind the scenes look at how one Wing Chun school trained and prepared for the tournament. I got to help prepare their fighters by sparring with them.

Check it out.


Part 1: This has a cheesy clip of my ‘road trip’ to the tournament. But it’s balanced out by taking a sneak peek at how everyone killed time and kept warm during the lunch break. Take a look.

Part 2: The action starts here with some clips of Chi Sao, Push Hands, Sword Fencing, Weapon forms, and more… Take a peek.

Part 3: Killer sparring starts here! It’s all styles, not just Wing Chun. Watch it.

Part 4: Killer sparring continues here! Enjoy the bashing.

Part 5: And still more sparring. Nothing wrong watching guys knock each other around. By the way all the sparring was light, continuous contact. There was no full contact at this tournament. It’s still fun to see.

Part 6*: Behind the scenes training footage of one school. They sent three fighters to the Championship. They got one bronze, one silver, and one DQ (disqualified for drawing blood), which is better than first place, right?

I helped them out as one of their sparring partners. Can you guess who I am?

Have a great weekend!