I have a story that complements Wing Chun as well.

Before Wing Chun I smoked weed everyday and all day. I was also super depressed because I loss my wife, job, my son was almost taken away from me, and I had 25,000 in debt.

So to some it up, all I had was weed and my car and a lot of health problems.

Then nine weeks ago I learned about Wing Chun. Two weeks went by I decided that I would learn Wing Chun no matter what.

I was hypnotized by the movements. So I bought a book called “Wing Chun Skill and Philosophy” by Master Ip Chun and started to read and practice the Sil Lum Tao form.

It took six weeks to train myself the first form and now I am on week seven and I already know the movements of the second form Chum Kiu.

Well, after all that being said I lost like 10-15 pounds, stopped smoking weed, I can breath better, and my overall health is better.

My son and I are happy and I’m hoping to start a new career soon. This is all true…

Ip man only dreamed that Wing Chun could improve someone’s life. I am a walking example of that dream. I hope my story helps whoever is reading this.

Comment from Rob: That’s a killer story. Thank you for sharing it! I’m sure a lot of visitors will be encouraged and benefit from knowing how Wing Chun is improving your life today. And, especially, how you started out the “hard” way, on your own with a book. You have real determination and deserve every measure of success! Keep at it.

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