I used to do wing Chun from 1989 to 1996. And started back up again 2 months ago. With the same teacher and now he does not do any leg sweeps or trips. Not sure what to think of this? Do You?
Comment from Rob: Yeah, that’s interesting.

Although, it’s common for sifus to change their training/teaching methods. Especially after so many years as you describe.

We students hope that these changes are for the better – to make us better, faster, to help our understanding happen sooner, make us more efficient, and more deadly on the street.

You should definitely ask or bring up the subject with your sifu.

I personally like sweeps, trips, and throws as techniques. We don’t practice them enough where I train.

But gravity and the Earth make great weapons. You know what I mean?

If your sifu gives you an explanation to why he doesn’t teach sweeps and trips as much as he used to, let us know.