Like watching Kung Fu moviesWing Chun moviesmartial arts films, and action flicks with a lot of hand-to-hand combat?

Me too…

I grew up watching martial arts movies on TV. On Saturday afternoons there was a show called “Kung Fu Theatre”.

Each week it showcased a Kung Fu film that was hard to find or rent on VCR — Drunken Master, The Flying Guillotine, and all the wanna-be Bruce Lee look-a-likes and more…

Thanks to this experience, I began my life in martial arts.

Discover New and Classic Kung Fu Movies You Never Heard of and Avoid the Junk

Below are Kung Fu film reviews (and a few non-Kung Fu movie reviews, too: martial arts and action movies).

Learn about a new one you haven’t seen or heard of before. Heck, you can even leave YOUR own review of a movie too.

Tell us about a great martial arts movie to see or a horrible one to skip… And tell us if you agree or disagree with a review…

I’m Not a “Professional” Movie Critic. And That’s a Good Thing.

These movie reviews are by real martial artists and crazy fans who know what they’re talking about. So enjoy! Start with some Wing Chun Movies, like the Ip Man movie trilogy:

Ip Man 1

Ip Man 2

The Legend is Born: Ip Man (Ip Man 3)

Discover more Wing Chun movies.

How well do you know all the Bruce Lee movies?

He studied and taught Wing Chun before he developed Jeet Kune Do and became an international movie star:

Enter the Dragon – This is his most popular movie and is responsible for making him an international film star. But do you know about the other Bruce Lee movies?

Here are more Kung Fu and martial arts movies to enjoy…

The Man With The Iron Fists

Karate Kid (2010)

The Last Airbender Cartoon

The Forbidden Kingdom

Red Belt: The Brazilian Jujitsu Movie

Tell us about a Kung Fu Movie YOU’ve Watched

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