Want to learn Kung Fu? Madrid, Spain may be the place for you. When it comes to the continent, or “Wing Chun Europe,” Spain has an active martial arts community, although it’s not normally known for it.

I visited Spain (Espana) many years ago. The siesta was still enjoyed in the capital of Madrid. If you’re not from there and just passing through, what you’ll find besides Wing Chun (Wing Tsun and Ving Tsun are very popular spellings in Spain) is incredible food (pallella and gaspacho are favorites), great architecture and art, and wonderful music.

Instead of, or in addition to, bull fighting and soccer (futbol) click the links below to find out more about these Wing Chun schools:

Pilgrims in Search of a Wing Chun Master…

I often get an email asking for a referral to a Wing Chun school. I don’t endorse any school on this site. Mostly, because I haven’t the time to personally visit each one or take classes.

But, if you’ve been to any of the schools above, click its link and leave a review for others (en ingles o espanol) on that page.

It can be positive or negative. Just keep it real and supportive. This will help others make up their own mind.

And, if other Spanish Wing Chun schools aren’t showcased on this site, tell the sifu or kwoon manager to include their school. They are encouraged to showcase their school in Spanish, so they can better reach their Spanish-speaking market.

Still Can’t Find Wing Chun Schools in Spain?

If you can’t find a kwoon in your corner of Spain, try the search box below. There may be schools in your area that have not yet showcased their institute.

Type the words “Wing Chun” or “Wing Tsun” or “Ving Tsun” (without the quotes) and the city or area where you hope to find a class, then click the search button.