I have practiced Goju for about 10 years, and about 6 months ago started learning aikido for a change of pace, but I have ALWAYS wanted to learn Wing Chun. The problem is, there are no schools that teach Wing Chun within a 100 mile radius (or so, there is one but it’s a 2 hour drive) and that is not practical if I can only go once. I KNOW I will not learn chi sao and get a deeper meaning of the art from videos, but a coworker and I would like to learn a little bit about Wing Chun nevertheless. I have gotten a few of those Master Wong videos and they seemed to do the trick; then I learned it is nothing like real Wing Chun and was sad.

So I guess my question is: Is there a Wing Chun video that I can watch and practice with while I wait for a school to appear in my area that is recommended by a Wing Chun practitioner? I also got another one made in the 70s with Some guy named Leung or something but the awesome 70s music was distracting me from what they were trying to convey.

Reply by Rob:


Your plight is, unfortunately, common.

Where are all the Wing Chun sifus at!?

Will the real Wing Chun sifu please stand up?

Until the day arrives when your master wanders into your humble village for a bowl of spaghetti and you have your chance to prove your worthiness as a student… there is a fine video to get you and your brothers started. In fact, there is a special library of videos I’ll introduce you to in a moment.

Training with these videos will help prepare you for that auspicious day because your future master can then witness, in awe, your dedication and feel compelled to take you all as his humble and eager Wing Chun students.


A number of years ago I set up the WingChunLife Video MASTERY library.

It’s a collection of training videos you can buy and download into your computer or device produced by the top Wing Chun masters from around world, both living and no longer with us (i.e. Moy Yat, WSL, etc.)

It started out with 300-ish videos. Today it has over 1,400!

I created a filter for you with the complete Wing Chun lineage training by sifus Wayne Belonoha, Fernandez, Tyler Rea, Greg Yau, and Larry Saccoia.

These sifus have painstakingly created complete self-taught Wing Chun video courses for their respective lineages!

It’s like their Wing Chun Mona Lisas.

Take a look here.

Start training and …

Seek the straightest path,