International Wing Chun Day Rules

Rule #1. Never say, “I can’t.”

The first International Wing Chun day rule is learning new skills, and getting good at them takes time. Saying “I can’t” isn’t going to help your straight punch, footwork, or get your body mass behind your elbow strike. Have patience and push frustration aside.

Rule #2. Focus inside the kwoon.

Don’t chit-chat, don’t shoot the breeze, don’t horse around during training time, don’t smile or laugh or give into nervous giggles, and don’t apologize when you hit someone. Here’s why.

You “act the way you train.” In a real-life or death situation, communication goes out the window. Communicating with a psychopath (verbally, with body language, facial expression, etc.) on purpose or subconsciously can get you killed.

Only damage counts. Focused, deliberate action steeled by overwhelming intention to damage the sociopath in front of you… and his three partners surrounding you. You act the way you train.

Rule #3. Make friends… outside of training time.

Train like your life depends on it. But remember that your kwoon and Wing Chun are a community. After or before training time, say ‘hi’ to newcomers and stick around to chit-chat for a moment after class.

International Wing Chun Day Rule #4. Take it step by step.

Your goal shouldn’t be to master Wing Chun. It should be to master each move, one step at a time. Do that, and mastery comes on its own.

Rule #5. Don’t bring your ego to class.

We all react the same when our eye gets gouged or when a forearm slams into our windpipe. Arrogance will not, and cannot, make you better because no one is bulletproof.

Rule #6. Don’t let life get in the way.

The sixth International Wing Chun Day rule is to take needed rest from training. But don’t take too many days to rest either. Don’t train in Wing Chun for one or two classes, followed by a week-long break. It will set you back and undo the hard work you’ve put in.

Rule #7. Ask questions.

Unsure about what you’re doing? Having difficulty with a move or getting at a target? That’s what sifu and the instructors are for! They are open to your questions and want you to excel.

International Wing Chun Day Rule #8. Be coachable.

Your sifu and instructor are there because they want to help you become faster, stronger, and deadlier.

Listen to them even if you think you know it already. You may learn something new. The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing.

Rule #9. Slow it down… a lot.

Do you want to get better at Wing Chun? Slow down. If you can’t do the move or the combos slowly, you’ll never pull it off at high speed. Sloppiness is not speed. You’ll only injure yourself or get yourself killed when faced with real violence.

Rule #10. Improve each day.

Pick one skill and get good at it. Dedicate a few minutes before and after class to develop the skill and/or practice it outside of class. Soon, you’ll have it down solid and can move on to the next skill.

International Wing Chun Day Rule #11. Encourage your Wing Chun cousins.

At the kwoon give words of encouragement to other students. Compliment your sifu and instructors if they ran a particularly good class or gave a great explanation that helped your understanding.

Push your cousins to do better and be better. And extend this attitude online, too. Competition and rivalry aren’t necessarily within us; it is against those on the outside, like the predators who harm our communities.

Rule #12. Train even when on vacation or on a business trip.

Forms, shadow boxing, running, push-ups, and handstands against a wall can all be done no matter where you go. It’ll keep you sharp and stay in shape.

Also, drop by a local kwoon and join a class as a guest student. Learn a few things from a different school and instructor.

Rule #13. Stay involved!

Follow your school’s blog, Facebook page, and other social media accounts it has. Comment and share their news and events.

Don’t be shy about purchasing books, DVDs, and other Wing Chun resources that will help you improve your understanding and skill because it supports your extended Wing Chun family.

International Wing Chun Day Rule #14. Spread self-protection and the art around the world.

The last International Wing Chun rule is to bring friends and family to visit a class or join your kwoon. Sifu will thank you, plus it’s fun. Share and recommend resources you discover, like books, videos, websites, and movies, to others who are inside – and outside – of Wing Chun.

The more people who train Wing Chun and are aware of it and respect it, the better it is for all of us.

Most importantly, get loved ones to train and be responsible for their own self-protection. You’re not a full-time bodyguard and can’t be in all places at all times. Wing Chun is the answer.

— Rob
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