International Wing Chun Day

On Saturday, March 19th, in cities all over the world Wing Chun practitioners will be planning events to promote the art of Wing Chun in all its forms. The day educates millions worldwide about Wing Chun’s benefits and raises awareness about local classes.

These forms include its many spellings, lineages, modifications and evolutions including Wing Tsun, WingTsun, Ving Tsun, Jeet Kune Do, JKD, Weng Chun, Yong Chun, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Hung Fa Yi, Shaolin Wing Chun, Wing Tzun, Wing Tjun, Vinh Xuan, TsunJo Wing Chun, Wing Chun Do, Xiong Jiang Wing Chun and many more.

Local event ideas include:
* free demonstrations
* exhibitions
* open houses
* free introductory classes
* Ip Man movie showings
* Chi-Sao-a-Thons for charity
* Speeches to community organizations
* Local TV and radio appearances
* Hold a Wing Chun seminar/workshop
* Have a local Wing Chun meetup
* Hold a Wing Chun webinar
* Other charity fund raising events
* Host an awards presentation
* Hold a luncheon or dinner event
* Hold an auction
* Hold a raffle

Be sure to tell local newspapers about the day and the events that you have planned!