The videos were shot less than 48 hours before the tournament and show how these guys got their ICMAC training done.

No surprise.


… And more sparring. And group sparring, too.

This school, WingChunCalifornia under sifu Alon Peterson, sent three competitors.

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All three participated in the sparring events.

How did they do?

One bronze, one silver, and one DQ (disqualified for drawing blood).

With sparring, it helps to go up against and train with a lot of different people.

People with different levels of experience, heights, weights, speed, muscle strength, etc.

I’m happy to say I helped get them ready by being one their sparring partners.

Special Training Video #1 of 2 (one-on-one sparring)

Special Training Video #2 of 2 (group sparring)

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