Everyone is Kung Fu sparring, fast as lightening…

Keeping it real.

In one of the videos below we witness a double DQ. Both fighters get kicked off the tournament floor for drawing blood.


Sparring Video #15

Sparring Video #16

Advanced lightweight division. These two really went at it.

The guy in red was flying through the air with his attacks.

The one in black returned the favor each time Red landed back to earth.

They both got a warning and then both got DQd for drawing blood…

**Out of respect to the injured, their families, and those easily grossed out I didn’t include the video of them bleeding.

One bled from the nose, the other from the mouth.

You didn’t miss much. If you’ve seen one guy bleed, you’ve seen them all. Good times.

Sparring Video #17

The guy in the orange sparring shoes fought three (3) bouts in a row and won them all.

This was his first fight of the night.

Many people were confused as to how the judges decided who fought who, when.

Sparring Video #18

The same dude with the fashionable orange sparring shoes. This is his second fight in a row, which he won.

I didn’t get video of his third fight. Sorry.

I think I had to slip away to the bathroom and take care of business (it was a really long day!)

But did I mention his neon orange sparring shoes?

Sparring Video #19

This is some advanced heavyweight action…

Sparring Video #20

Some of the guys I train with were impressed with the guy with the long black hair. What do you think?

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