The ICMAC sparring portion of the tournament had many competitors and divisions. I decided to split all the videos onto three (3) different pages on

I did this hoping that it makes it easier for you to watch and find what you’re looking for.

Maybe… you want to get an idea of what you’re up against when you register for the next championship?

Sparring video #1

Sparring video #2

The guy in white gloves moved really well. He was smaller than the rest, but he really moved and connected well against his opponents.

Sparring video #3

Sparring video #4

Sparring video #5

The guy without the chest protector hit and kicked like a mule. I think he thought this was a full-contact match. And the refs didn’t really do a good job of keeping the matches “light” sparring.

Los Angeles is a new venue, so maybe they’re still working out the bugs and getting staff properly trained…

Sparring video #6

This was one of my favorite matches of the day. Not a lot of pounding, but good precision, technical in my opinion…

Sparring video #7

If you or your friends are planning on attending this or similar tournaments, make sure to study up on these videos. It’ll give you the lay of the land and an idea of what to expect.

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