In Part 2 of my trip to ICMACs inaugrual Los Angeles Kung Fu Championship, you’ll see Chi Sao, weapons forms, sword fencing, Push Hands, and kids sparring…

What I liked is that this competition had an entire floor devoted to Wing Chun. That was great!

This is where they did chi sau, Wing Chun forms, and Wing Chun weapon forms.

The sparring (which comes in Parts 3 and above in this report) was mixed.

Everyone fought everyone. (i.e. Wing Chun vs. Shaolin vs. Hung Gar vs. ???) However, the fighters were divided by weight and experience.

Enjoy the videos below!

Chi Sau

I understand this is done as a sport, but I was not impressed with this style of competition.

I get that it’s fun and the ones who compete enjoy it. But I don’t see the practicality.

For one thing the contestants must stay within a very small space. Then they’re not allowed to kick (at least I did not see anyone kick). And they were not allowed to hit the face/head. And they had to wear chest protection?

Okay, so if they’re in a tight space to mimic close quarter combat, they have to be allowed to strike the face, and allowed to kick or use knees/elbows, no?

Oh, and I saw too many people leaning against their opponent. Leaning!?

Step back fast and they’d fall on their face.

Granted these were usually the newer, less experienced Wing Chun’ers.

Tell me what you think.

Fencing (Sword Fighting)

This was interesting to watch.

Two guys armed with swords, slashing each other. I got nothing against that.

I didn’t find out what material the swords were made from, do you know? It wasn’t metal, and it didn’t sound like wood.

It was fun to watch them hack, stab, and slash each other.

The one thing I didn’t like was that they stopped the match after each touch or hit.

We couldn’t see them flow.

Maybe they should come up with a Butterfly Sword fencing competition similar to this one?

Take a peek…

Weapon Forms

A lot of Kung Fu weapon forms. I got a good clip of the Wing Chun Butterfly Sword form too.

Push Hands

Well, if I didn’t like the Chi Sao competition, I really didn’t like the Push Hands either.

Pretty much the same criticisms.

I get it though.

This is sport, a game. Not supposed to be practical…

Kids Sparring

Some of these kids were great. I mean really good.

They were more entertaining to watch than some of the adults. No kidding.

Have a look yourself —

Parts 3, 4, 5 contain a lot of heavy duty sparring. And Part 6 is a special behind the scenes look at how one school ( prepared for the tournament.

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