On April 2014, ICMAC (International Chinese Martial Arts Championship) held its inaugural Kung Fu Championship in Los Angeles, California (in the city of Pasadena).

I visited and took over two dozen videos so you can check it out!

The video above is a short intro of the “road trip” I took to the event. I wanted you to come along for the drive…

The other videos have a lot more action and behind the scenes clips of the event. You get to see a bit of what I saw.

First, I want to give a couple of…

Special shout outs to:

http://www.KungFuChampionship.com/ (ICMAC’s main website) for putting on a great event and expanding it over the last 15 years+. And as their website says:

“Our goal is to promote and elevate Chinese Martial Arts and we are glad to see that more and more Sifus and competitors are getting involved.

… The stronger each school gets, the stronger the whole Chinese martial arts movement becomes.”

I heard a couple of complaints about enforcing rules and calls some judges made.

But, it’s not easy organizing an event like this. They did their best and try to improve each one. Let’s hope they iron out the rough spots at future Los Angeles events.

And another shout out goes to http://WingChunCalifornia.com/ They let me sit in their corner and I trained with them and got to help get their fighters ready for the event. That was fun.

Here’s what it looked like to watch the contestants warm-up during the lunch break:

Luckily, there was a lot to see because if you’ve ever been to one of these things (even something like a weekend basketball/volleyball, etc. tournament), there’s a lot of waiting around for your event to start.

A lot of waiting and anticipation…

As soon as the lunch break was over the action started!

Part 2 has various weapons forms, chi sau, push hands, and fencing videos.

Parts 3 – 5 are all about sparring. Twenty videos on kicking butt.

Part 6* is a special behind the scenes look at how WingChunCalifornia prepared their Wing Chun’ers for the tournament.