I’ve always liked kung fu, and liked it a lot more after watching Karate Kid 2010. But did not know which type to choose.

Now I think Wing Chun is the best for me. But this is my problem, there is no school near me. Can I learn online? Is it effective?
Comment: This is definitely a challenge.

Learning a physical skill like Wing Chun is something that works best when someone helps you through it in the beginning. Kind of like learning to swim or ride a bicycle.

You can learn online and through downloadable DVDs produced by top sifus, but if you have no background with Wing Chun, some finer lessons may be missed.

That’s the main downside to learning Wing Chun through the Internet.

However, if you are familiar with Wing Chun, video learning through quality resources, can help you quickly polish your skill and help you get a deeper meaning.

Because you have no school available to help you learn, then I would chose video learning over pictures and books. (Books are great for their own reasons, and that’s a topic for another time).

Since I hear from many Wing Chun’ers and potential martial artists who do not live near a proper school, I developed “Wing Chun Life Video MASTERY.” Check it out. I hope it can help you in your situation.