Hi to all readers and martial artists to be and current martial artists.

Wing Chun is very effective. I studied Japanese style to black belt level and have also studied Wing Chun for only 12 months.

Both styles I have the utmost respect. During this one time, on holidays with my family in Europe, I was put in a bad situation in a bad part of a city.

Approached by thugs in another country can be the worst situation anyone can be in. To the point, there were 4 of the worst foul language thugs on this planet trying to rob us.

My Japanese style martial arts came out explosive, and then my worst nightmare, my wife was slapped to the ground by one of the thugs, and I thought the worst is yet to come.

It was purely a robbery. I found my Japanese style was just not up to the task, so I switched to my Wing Chun style which i was still a novice.

I wish I had of used it earlier, because my position of being the prey, quickly overturned by the thugs becoming the prey and I was the predator.

Wing Chun just simplified the whole nightmare experience without using all my energy on Japanese style exhertia.

All 4 thugs were put down quicker and more effectively. I notified police and thugs were still down 10-15mins later when police arrived. They were then taken away.

All sustained broken bones. Can I say that the limited time practicing Wing Chun is a credit to its effectiveness.

As mentioned, having studied a Japanese style to black belt, and having won many point scoring and full contact tournaments, mats and in the ring, it has it’s limitations. One is it’s lack of effective counter attack and second is its lack of simultaneously kicking, blocking and punching in one movement.

I still practice Wing Chun and always remember the effectiveness of it during that time in Europe. Thank You Wing Chun.

Gabriel Edwards.