How long does it take to have a nice self-defence with Wing Chun?

As in when will I be able to block punches by a random “Big Guy” that’s trying to give you a beating? And also be able to punch him back after a block?
Sifu Victor Botes from the Fighting Spirit Boxing & Martial Arts Club in South Africa,

Self-Defense depends on your ability and mindset:

The learning process happens in 4 stages:
— “unconscious incompetence”,
— “conscious incompetence”,
— “conscious competence” and lastly,
— “unconscious competence”

Once you reach the last stage, you will technically be ready to face any random opponent.

The Wing Chun system is designed to defend against bigger stronger opponents, so that is no problem.

In Wing Chun, we like to block and strike simultaneously, that is why the system is so fast when applied correctly.

The mind controls the body, so cultivate awareness and a “fighting spirit” to be successful in self defence.