I am a 17 year old male. I just started Wing Tsun 2 months ago and they do not train me that hard at my school, or push me to the limits, and they do not train me to be the greatest fighter that I can be, or prepare me to do the best that I can do in a fight, but I believe they will make me a decent fighter.

We also do not spar in my school. We just do lat sao, lap sao etc. I asked my instructor why and he says cause it is too dangerous.

Some people told me to leave the school because there isn’t sparring. But I like my si-fu and his training is good. But I do not know if it would be really effective in a street fight, or if it will help me to be a great fighter.

I am also not sure if they are not training me hard because I am a beginner or because their training is not perfect. I still do not feel confident that if I would fight a bigger guy with my Wing Chun.

It is also the only wingtsun school in my area.

My aim in training Wing Chun is that I want to be the best fighter that I can be. And be very able to defend myself against anyone because In the future I will becoming a cop.

So what is your advice? What should I do ?
Sifu Michael McIlwrath who teaches Wing Chun privately in New York and New Jersey https://www.facebook.com/SifuMcIlwrath

Well, the first question is ask your self what do I want from martial arts?

Self-defense, sport or tournament fighting, or the next UFC champion?

Wing Tsun is IMO a very good street fighting system but not so great for competition. If you want to be a UFC champ you better look for a different school.

I started Wing Tsun training in 1981 and the learning curve was very slow. The sifu taught very slowly .

You have only 2 months of training, so you don’t even understand the basics so forget about sparring.

Sparring is important if you what to test out your Wing Tsun but it may take a while to get there.

I believe your sifu does not have sparring in the class because 1) you’re underage, and 2) he is worried of getting sued if someone gets hurt.

Try to find sparring partners outside the school. Use common sense when sparring and make sure you use appropriate gear with adult supervision.