I`m Syrian too and I´m living in Germany and I´m doing wing tsun, I´m planing to move to Syria next year but unfortunately until now I haven´t found any wing tsun school in Syria. What can I do?

Answer: Mohammed, there are two things you can consider doing.

One is making use of video based education. Many top universities around the world are moving more of their courses online.

This lets students, living practically anywhere in the world, to get access to world class professors and instruction.

WingChunLife.com Video MASTERY’ attempts to do something similar by providing Wing Chun’ers access to the world’s most respected and sought after sifus.

Get more details on ‘Video MASTERY’ here.

The next thing you can do in addition to, or at the same time, is double up on classes now and get as good as you can.

And then when you arrive in Syria, get together with some friends and teach them the basics.

This way you can do some live practice with others… even if it’s basic stuff, it’s better than nothing.

I know someone from my kwoon who moved to another part of the State. There are no Wing Chun schools near him.

He only studied for half a year before he had to move.

So, what he does is practice his forms, he taught some basic drills (pak, sau, lap sau, kicks, footwork, etc) to some friends in his new hometown and they drill together, and when he comes by our area he meets up with some of the other students to get some training in.

Do what you can with what you got…

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