i’m a beginner precautionary of wing chun art and i have a question ,how can i train in siu nim tao so my hand can react Independence ? i do not have a partner to spare hands in siu nim tao , and i ask if there is another way
Sifu Rick Piraino who teaches small and private classes in Buffalo, New York BUFFALOWINGCHUNCLAN@Yahoo.com replies:

To train both hands, in my opinion, I like using the nunchucks as a training device.

It will teach you how to use both hands together equally and efficiently. It teaches  you Fan Sao (returning hand) always have your Wu Sao; keep your guard hand up.

It also develops Huen Sao, circling hand. And it also trains all the tendons and muscles in the wrist and arm.

Plus, it teaches you muscle, tendon, and joint isolation and helps develops wrist snapping power, which is essential in Wing Chun.

After a month it doesn’t matter what hand you are using, you will be comfortable, efficient, and effective using either hand.