I’d like to build my own Wing Chun Dummy and study Wing Chun here in Syria.

I had never known anything called Wing Chun till i saw the greatest movie ever, Ip Man.

Special thanks go to Donnie Yin and his colleagues for introducing this amazing art to the whole world.
Answer: Yes! Ip Man 1 is one of the greatest Kung Fu movies ever made!

There are a lot of wooden dummy designs available on the Internet and for sale.

My preference, if you do build or buy a wooden dummy is to make sure the top two arms are level, and not staggered.

This will help keep your training balanced and even for both your right and left sides.

Here’s an interesting article I found in Kung Fu magazine.

Wing Chun schools in Syria?

I looked, I asked and couldn’t find one or anyone who knew of one. Sorry.

The good news is if you like to travel there are a few Wing Chun schools in Turkey, which I believe is the closest country with Wing Chun schools to Syria.